Accent on Dance fosters a love and appreciation of dance through the development of self esteem.

By providing a nurturing, positive environment children are encouraged to believe in their own ability and to focus on every new challenge with a disciplined, confident approach. 

Caring dedicated teachers will allow the student to develop their own personal artistic, creative and eductional strengths.

Accent on Dance is dedicated to providing the very best in dance education and is a staunch advocate of Safe Dance Practice. Please click here to see the 2021 timetable. We will also be releasing newsletters on a regular basis, so please sign up to register and gain access to these releases and much more.

How to Enroll

To access the Enrolment Form and Fee Structure you must first Sign up for an Accent on Dance Account, it will take 1 - 2 days for an Accent on Dance admin to authorise your account. When your account has been authorised you will then be able to access the Enrolment Form and Fee Structure.



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