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Fee Structure

Fees are paid by the term and are due week 2 of every term. All money must be in a sealed envelope addressed to Accent on Dance. Please clearly mark your envelope with child's name, hours of attendance and the amount being paid. Teachers will not accept loose money.

If fees are not up to date students will not be eligible to compete in eisteddfods or perfom including the end of year concert.

The Principal must be given two (2) weeks notice in writing if a student wishes to stop classes. Student's select their class hours on Registration Day. If students wish to change hour's mid-term there is No Refund if they attend less hours, extra hours are charged at the hourly rate (no discount). Once a new term begins the discounted rate will apply.

There is no refund of fees for classes that are unattended.

Registration Fee

This fee is due to be paid on Registration Day and is non-refundable after Term 1. Babies and Pre-Primary have an extension until April 30th. This Fee covers costuming, trophies, competitions, scholarship and choreographic days. Should a student commence classes anytime through the year this fee is charged upon enrolment for the current year and becomes due again at the start of the new Dance year.


Examinations are NOT COMPULSORY they are held annually, usually around June. The Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet Curriculum is studied. An exam entry fee for each grade is payable by the end of February. A separate note outlining the exact fee will be emailed out closer to the time. Normally exams are only available once a student reaches the age of six. It is necessary when preparing for ballet exams to attend at least two lessons a week and classes through the school holidays for preparation of these exams. As well as technical skill RAD Ballet exams place particular emphasis on attire and presentation.

Accent on Dance Uniform

All Senior and Pre-Senior Students may wear their own choice of style of leotard, with appropriate accessories. Pink ballet tights and ballet shoes/pointe shoes for Classical Ballet. Tan tights and Black shoes for Tap, Black Jazz shoes or Black Trisole Jazz shoes for Jazz and bare feet for Modern. The main emphasis is on good grooming.

All Intermediate Students may wear their Mulberry or Royal Blue Leotard for Ballet, with Pink Ballet tights and ballet shoes. Tan tights and shoes for Tap, Black Jazz shoes or Black Trisole Jazz shoes for Jazz and bare feet for Modern. Jazz, Tap & Modern students may wear black shorts or dance pants.

All Junior Ballet (Gr.1 & Gr.2) wear their Mulberry or Royal Blue Leotard, Pink Ballet Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes. All Junior Jazz and Tap wear a Royal Blue Leotard, Black Jazz and Tap Shoes. Jazz & Tap students may wear black shorts or dance pants.

Babies, Pre-Primary & Primary Dance: Soft pink leotards with skirt pink ballet tights and Pink ballet shoes, Black tap shoes. Available from Richmond Dancewear.

Exam Grade 1 & 2 - Mulberry pink Energetiks leotard, pink ballet tights and shoes with elastic, black character skirt and low heeled black character shoes.

Exam Grade 3, 4 & 5 - Mulberry Energetiks leotard, pink ballet tights and shoes with elastic, black character skirt and black cuban heeled character shoes.

Vocational Grades - (Intermediate Foundation etc) Cobalt Blue Energetiks leotard, pink tights soft demi pointes and pointe shoes.

Character skirt - Black \with pink ribbon trim (available from Mrs Gray) is to be 3 inches below the knee.

Dark Pink - 4 inches from bottom.

Light Pink - 3 ½ inches from dark pink and 7 ½ inches from bottom.


Tracksuit Jackets and Singlets - available on order through Accent on Dance please download Uniform Order Form from the website and place order on Registration Day.

Second Hand Pool

This is to be the parents or owners responsibility for the items wishing to be sold, as the school can no longer take responsibilty for such items. This will only be available on Registration and Choreographic Days, or you can contact the Principal for additional information.

Scholarship Days

Ballet - Ballet Scholarship is held as a practise session prior to the exam date in Term 2. An independent guest adjudicator assesses the student through their class work and awards 1st, 2nd, 3rd 'Best on the Day' at Presentation Day. Scholarship Day is an excellent rehearsal for students taking their examinations in Classical RAD Ballet.

Tap, Jazz and Modern - Assessed at the Annual Concert Dress Rehearsal in Term 4. Again an independent guest judge assesses the students through their work and awards 1st, 2nd and 3rd 'Best on the Day' at Presentation Day.

Teachers assess and award the 'Most Improved' students in each class.

Annual Concert

Accent on Dance holds an annual Christmas concert to showcase the talent of all students. It is held at a local venue. Tickets are on sale the fourth week of Term 3.

Choreographic Competition

This competition encourages each student to put into practise what she/he has learned in class. Students choreograph a piece of work to music of their own choice, approximately one minute in duration. Each dance is judged by a panel of teachers. Medals and certificates are awarded on the day.


Students are encouraged to participate in the local Hawkesbury Eisteddfod and other competitions held each year. (August, September and October). Most troupe work is taught in normal classes, although not all classes are expected to participate.

Accent on Dance Performance Troupe provides the opportunity for truly dedicated performers to reach their goals. Private lessons are available for students who wish to enter as a solo, duo or trio (note details below). Students occasionally perform at functions such as fetes, open days and demonstrations.

Private Lessons

Private lessons for solos are available at $60 per hour and $30 per half hour. Duos & trios are $70 per hour and $35 per half hour. Any student who wishes private lessons for Eisteddfod purposes must have class fees fully paid. Private lessons are to be paid at the time of the lesson and placed in an envelope with students details as previously mentioned in fee structure.


An annual visit to the ballet by coach is organised for students throughout the year. Occasionally students may attend specialist classes at other locations for example; McDonald College, Nth Strathfield.

Presentation Week

Held the last week of Term 4, Students are presented awards for Best on the Day and the Most Improved over the Year in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern.

Best on the day is awarded to students after judging by qualified, independent guest adjudicator.

Most Improved is awarded by the teachers to the students who have worked consistently to improve throughout the year.

The perpetual Trophy for Overalll Most Improved Student, the Dee Blyton Perpetual Trophy for Most Promising in Classical Ballet and the Perpetual Trophy for Most Consistent Overall.


Make Up



  • All Jazz shoes need same colour elastic instead of shoe laces.
  • No holes or ladders in stockings.
  • No nail polish to be worn.
  • No jewellery including earrings. Leave all jewellery safe at home.
  • Students may wear bodystocking, flesh coloured underwear or g-string under costumes.
  • Clean neat attire important.
  • Personal hygiene is important for all students. Older students remember clean-shaven underarms and deodorant.

Essential Requirements

All students must have the following at all performances:

  • Hair pins
  • Bobby pins
  • Bun/hair nets

Hair pins and nets should match hair colour

  • Safety pins assorted sizes
  • Hair brush and comb
  • Hair spray and gel

Concert Day Requirements: all Students Need!

  1. Named costume bag.
  2. Dance bag including: A small amount of make-up for touch ups especially students own lipstick.
  3. A container for all hair needs.
  4. A change of clothes.
  5. Cool drinks/water, healthy snack food, lunch. Seniors especially need plenty of foods/drinks for sustained energy throughout the day.
  6. A sweat towel to pat face after performances and deodorant.

NB: Students should arrive with hair and make-up done, the above is needed for touch ups and attaching hairpieces. Costumes to be returned at the concert after last performance


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